Megiddo III: The 1992-1996 Seasons

Edited by: Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin and Baruch Halpern
Assistant Editor: Jared Miller
Contributions by:
Daniella Bar-Yoseph Mayer, Itzhak Benenson, Israel Carmi, Eric Cline, Robert Deutsch, Lev Eppelbaum, Norma Franklin, Yuval Gadot, Yuval Goren, Rachel Hallote, Brian Hesse, David Ilan, Sonya Itkis, Alex Joffe, Adi Kafri, Ann Killebrew, Gunnar Lehmann, Ormi Lernau, Nili Liphschitz, Oded Lipschitz, Jennifer Peersmann, Benjamin Sass, Dror Segal, Paula Wapnish and Orna Zimhoni

The remarkable results of several intensive seasons of renewed excavation by the current Expedition at Tel Megiddo are presented in this publication. The stratigraphy of the Early Bronze Age temple compound has been clarified and redated. The largest EB I temple in the Levant, with an extraordinary collection of animal remains in it, was unearthed. The lower mound, never properly explored by prior expeditions, has produced important new information. New light has been shed on one of the most hotly debated issues in biblical archaeology today – the chronology of Iron Age II. The conquest of this highly defended royal citadel of the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians and its aftermath are clearly recorded.