Participants staying for any of the sessions can register for one or both of our credit courses, as each course will be given twice during the season! We offer each course for 3 undergraduate or graduate credits–please note the additional graduate credit requirements listed in each syllabus. Credits are offered through Tel Aviv University. It is possible to take both courses simultaneously, as the Field Techniques course is heavily based in the daily excavation work, while the lecture course takes place in the early evening after dinner. We are happy to discuss the courses with you further if you have specific questions.

The course syllabus will soon be announced  

On completion of the course and season, a transcript will be sent to the address you provide. If you do not receive your transcript two months after the season has ended it will be your responsibility to contact us and let us know. 

The payment for the transcript is included in the cost of the course and is valid for 4 months after the season has ended. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure you have received your transcripts. Following this time period, the shipment of your transcript will be in accordance to the payments as required by TAU: