Code of Conduct

Our Expectations of Team Members

Civility and basic courtesy go a long way when dozens of people are living and working together. Be nice to each other! Keep your sense of humor! We are all working towards the same goal–a fun and productive dig season. All members of the Megiddo Expedition will exhibit sensitivity to the cultural, political and religious differences in Israel and the region. Any behavior that threatens the well-being of any Team Member and/or threatens the successful execution of the excavation and/or that is in violation of Israeli law is forbidden. Such behavior (assault, vandalism, theft, etc.) will result in immediate expulsion without refund of any fees. All Team Members are expected to take care of their physical well-being to the best of their ability—this means staying well hydrated, not drinking alcohol such that it impairs the ability to work, not engaging in illegal drug use of any sort, and alerting us to any serious medical issues in advance of the expedition. Team members who violate these conditions can be dismissed unilaterally at the Directors’ discretion. No refunds will be made in such instances.