Missed the 2022 Pre-Season Conference?

We had a great time on Facebook and Zoom this Sunday at the Megiddo 2022 Pre-Season Conference! For those of you who missed the conference, and would still like to hear from our expedition’s staff about this magnificent site and the upcoming 2022 season, worry not! The full Megiddo Expedition 2022 Pre-Season Live Conference is…

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Announcing the Megiddo Expedition 2022 pre-season live conference!

We are very excited to announce the Megiddo Expedition 2022 pre-season live conference! Sunday 27 March, 4 PM GMT Join us live on Facebook and Zoom in this virtual conference, where you will hear from the expedition’s chief staff all about the history of Megiddo, its archeological significance, and all the details about the upcoming…

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Exciting updates about the 2022 Season!

Are you ready to dig this summer? The Megiddo Team is busy preparing for the first day of excavation on June 26th, 2022. We hope all of you are well and we are so excited to welcome you back to the tel! The 2022 season runs for four weeks and you can join for one,…

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TAU’s studants visited Tel Megiddo

Last Thursday the students of The Institute & Department of Archaeology TAU had a fascinating tour at Tel Megiddo led by Prof Yuval Gadot, Dr Dafna Langgut, Dr Ido Koch and Dr Lidar Sapir-Hen. They visited the city’s many palaces and stables, the impressive underground water system and walked through our newly reconstructed Iron Age…

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Our co-dierctor Israel Finkelstein was elected to the American Academy

We are very proud to share that our co-dierctor Israel Finkelstein was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences as an International Honorary Member. The American Academy was founded in 1780, during the American Revolution. From that time until today, The American Academy gathers knowledge and produces reflective, independent, and pragmatic studies that…

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New Visitor center opens in Megiddo!

Every year many tourists visit Tel Megiddo to see how the place bearing the biblical name “Armageddon” actually looks like. Many of them are interested in the biblical story of the site, the impressive remains of the ancient city and the outstanding views of the Jezreel Valley from the top of the Tel. Last month…

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A new web-series about the archeology and history of ancient Israel with our co-directors Israel Finkelstein and Matthew J. Adams

A new web-series made possible by the Shmunis Family Foundation. Each episode features a conversation between our co-directors Israel Finkelstein and Matthew J. Adams, about the archeology and history of Ancient Israel – Episode One: Bible and Archaeology, The View from the Center– Episode Two: The Bronze Age, The Land Before Israel– Episode Three: The Crisis Years, The…

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Restoration of the six-chambered gate

Following the 2018 excavations in the area of the Iron Age gates, the National Parks Authority completed the restoration of the western wing of the famous six-chambered gate, which had been excavated by the University of Chicago team almost a century ago.

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Long Distance Trade in the Middle Bronze

A recent article published in the journal PNAS, based mainly on samples from Megiddo, reports evidence for trade with the Central/Eastern Asia in the Middle Bronze Age. The molecular and microscopic techniques revealed consumptions of extotic foods like sesame, soybean, probable banana, and turmeric. This new article sheds lights on the complexity of early long trade…

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